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Little things

Here's a bunch of little things I've encountered when coding at work and at home (yes, I am that hard-core):

  • Mixing angular.js templates together with JSP templates: I am not sure if I am doing it right, but it works. And it works well :-s

    Essence of programming

    Basically I stuffed this inside a JSTL tag file:

    <script text="javascript">
        var posts = [
            /* A bit of evil here: compose button disguised as a post */
                type: "compose"
            <c:forEach items="${posts}" var="post" varStatus="loop">
                id: "${}",
                price: "${post.price}",
                datePosted: ${post.creationDateMillis},
                description: "${post.description}",
                type: "${post.type.toString().toLowerCase()}",
                images: [
                    <c:forEach items="${post.images}" 
                        <c:if test="${!imageLoop.last}">,</c:if>
                location: "${post.location}"
            }<c:if test="${!loop.last}">,</c:if>

    Everything in between the ${ }, the c:forEach and the c:if tags is fed into it from the underlying servlet. This will in turn become the input data used by angular to create the posts on the page itself

  • To escape a single quote in CQL3 (Cassandra), you need to - prepare to get your mind blown - add another single quote before it!

  • Legend has it that formatting strings in python can be fun too, especially when you need to actually escape the percentage sign somewhere. Double percentage signs do the trick

  • Java regex escape character is a double backslash instead of a single backslash

  • Escaping a dollar sign in maven pom.xml to be used in a config later is really a pain in the a$$

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