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sudo think no.1

Warning: This entry will not be about Project Spring Roll. But it is a piece about technology and its influence in life, so I find it fitting to put it up here (not like I have another blog, meh). I think it would be nice to do this once in a while, so here it is, “sudo think” entry #1.

So, there are 2 things really bugging me at the moment. Both related to people’s attitude towards technology: a YouTube video and a video game.

Technology, what?

First thing is this particular link that has been floating around my social media feed The video was fine, but what I find ridiculous is some of the hostile reaction to it (reaction to Kids React To - see what I did there?) Why? Let me tell you a cool story, bro.

Not sure if serious or just trolling

Many many years ago, in a country far far away, there was this kid. He is in grade 3 or something, likes video games, but knows jack about computers. He is what a lot of people nowadays would call a spoilt one. One day, he went to an acquaintance’s place. He heard that he had a big shiny computer loaded with games, so he was eager to play them. However, when he gets there, nobody knows how to put up the games for him and he obviously doesn’t - because he has never seen anything like it before. The spoilt kid started getting frustrated and yelling and crying. He was one annoying brat - trust me, his reaction to computers of the 90s was much much worse than what you see in that video of kids to 70s computers. At least those other kids were somewhat curious about it.

10 years passed by, and now in the last of his teenager’s years, that little whining brat enrolled into University of Oxford, reading Computer Science, later went on to become a software engineer, founded Project Spring Roll and tried to help and inspire others into learning how to code. On a side note, he still knows jack about most computers…

these kids are errors…

next gen kids are errors

there are too many steps? maybe they are dumbing down younger generations. :\

Retardation level USA.

The girl with the yellow dress is soooo much of the new generation (dumb technology chick)

computer means to compute. not for playing fcking games!

We live in a era where technology id getting smarter and people dummer

They want everything automatic…… even retardation.

New generation are fucked-up by tech nowadays.

…are just some of the more negative comments towards the kids in that video. Well, they are, surprisingly, kids ffs! If you had met me 15 years ago, you’d probably say the same thing about me. But yeah, life does change, you know… The point is that as marvellous as all these bits of technology are, and although they were very important parts of the progress that led to today’s technology achievements, they are old and obsolete. These children have not been around long enough to be able to experience the sense of nostalgia and appreciation towards these cough cough ahem antiques cough like you may do. They may grow up to be very different people than they are now, you never know. But this kind of distrust and offence is really unnecessary.

O just relax, problem solved.

To The Moon

To The Moon

Under lots of stress, most people take a break, maybe grab a heart-warming book and relax somehow. So I grabbed To The Moon. And for a good reason: it is a game, but a bit more like a book, has absolutely gorgeous music and it tells a story worthy of its own movie adaptation :-) Without fancy graphics or thrilling actions, one’s first impression of this game is that it looks like some boring crap from the 80s (and since we are in 2014 at least it must have ambient occlusion, right?) However, the focus of the game is in the story. It is like the 3 movies Memento, Inception and Source Code smashed together, with all of the crazy actions stripped, and more awesomeness added. This has officially taken the place of Machinarium as my personal most favourite piece of art only accessible from a computer.

Not to give too much of a spoiler, here is my favourite part of the game, when the 2 doctors traversing the patient’s memory, leaping back on mementos, tracking back to the memory of his younger and happier years (which would then lead to a tragedy, of course):

Neil: “You gotta be kidding me. You remember what happens, don’t you? It’s like watching a train wreck.”

Eva: “The ending isn’t any more important than any of the moments leading to it. The important thing is that over here, they are happy.”

Eva: “Let’s move on.”

It is like turning the page of an old photo album filled with good memories, but since they are gone, it kinda sucks.

I know a lot of people would have cried if they were to play this game. To be honest, I did cry a bit inside, but I did a ton of housework today so I regained my manliness (does that even make sense?). In all seriousness, this is a message to all current and future parents, if you still hold some kind of prejudice against the influence of video games on your kids, just take a long hard look at this game and maybe play it, then let your kids play it. The whole thing is only something like what? 7 pounds, same price as a book, you can run it on any old laptop, and in return you have 4 hours of pure emotional gold, and a guaranteed smile when you think about it again. I think everyone needs to play this game. Period.

sudo killall -9 think

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