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It's code time!

First up is an announcement: Team Spring Roll will have a small casual meetup on Friday 30th May in London at 7pm. Plan is showing up for dinner, have a chat, and have fun. This is open to anybody interested in the team and the project so please hit us up at if you want to come along!

It has been a long long time since I last wrote something here - not because I had nothing to write, but because we were moving so fast with Project Spring Roll that I have no time to. In fact, I have spent about a half of all my spare time on the project in the past month - it is just incredible when you realise how much of a workload it is to do such a thing on top of your full-time job.

Things that we have done so far:

  • We realised that our crowd-funding campaign failed big time around just more than 3 weeks ago:

    • We are not a charity - people won’t just throw some money at us because we give them an idea. So we will need to play our next card: a live demo. Something to give people the look and feel of our future site. And that has been exactly what we have been cooking up for the past weeks. You can see it here.

    • We wanted to position ourselves as a good-will community project to other people (which we are btw). But we’ve learned shortly afterwards that if we don’t look after it properly with some kind of strategy (or very good connections and appeal), it is never going to work.

    • So the only other way to go is the more evil way, we looked out for businesses that might be interested in us rather than our initial target audience (students). The result is what you see on our right-most tab on our demo website (which I built entirely on my own for 4 straight nights :D)

    • But beyond good and evil, it’s just us - a bunch of passionate people trying to make a difference.

    • Speaking of “beyond good and evil”, if you like video games as much as I do (but have more free time than I have), check out this gem: bge

  • We only planned to build a demo, but it has already evolved into something so much bigger

    • When I first came up with the live demo idea, I just pictured it would be a simple HTML file with all the fancy stuff that we’d rewrite in our final app anyway

    • Then we made it into an Angular.JS app. BEST. DECISION. EVER. We have turned it into a test ground for all of our crazy ideas: new designs, a very lightweight feedback form etc. We split the demo into many components and now I have a pretty good idea of what the final product would look like backend-wise. We also used it to train new team members. We will reuse a lot of this code in our final site. I write more javascript than all of my previous attempts in my life before added up. Exciting times.

How people spend their Bank Holiday long weekend (well, sort of):


How we spend our Bank Holiday long weekend:


  • We promised to organise code workshops and a lot of people are on our asses about it. Sadly, that has been pushed back deep down the priority list because of the live demo. We have not forgotten it! In fact, we have prepared our first lesson, and are dying to set it up, but still have not been able to pull ourselves and all the resources together to organise one yet. All I can say is that it will come soon.

Great thanks to @macduy for such a long and awesome streak of code contributions. Still going strong after thousands of lines of code, a dozen pull requests and 300 commits!

Good night and have an efficient Tuesday. May the Source be with you :-)

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